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Medical vocabulary: What does Reflex, Trigeminocardiac mean

DOI : The trigemino-cardiac reflex TCR is defined as a sudden onset of parasympathetic dysrhythmia, sympathetic hypotension, apnea or gastric hypermotility during the stimulation of any of the sensory branches of the trigeminal nerve. The sensory nerve endings of the trigeminal nerve transmit neuronal signals via the Gasserian ganglion to the sensory nucleus of the trigeminal nerve, forming the afferent pathway of the reflex arc.

Through this physiological response, adjustments of the systemic and cerebral circulations are initiated to change cerebral blood flow in a manner that is not yet understood. It appears that the cerebrovascular response to hypoxemia is, to a large extent, due to this reflex and generated by the activation of neurons of the rostral ventrolateral reticular nucleus. The existence of such endogenous neuroprotective strategies may extend beyond the actually known clinical appearance of the TCR and include the prevention of other potential brain injury states as well.

Trigeminocardiac Reflex by Mandibular Extension on Rat Pial Microcirculation: Role of Nitric Oxide

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  7. It is well documented in cases of ophthalmic injuries and ocular surgeries. Change of ten percent or more in the heart rate or dysrhythmia as compared to the control was taken as positive OCR.