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These books are not in competition with Penguin Classics or Oxford World Classics--they are for a whole new market. The books also contain material specific to that story: Persuasion contains a map of Bath, and Pride and Prejudice has been published with a glossary of all the various adaptations of Austen novels over the years.

Zoe Williams, columnist at the Guardian's Weekend magazine, recently wrote: "There's one good reason why Austen ought not to be repackaged as a chick lit author, and this is that the defining feature of chick lit is that it is not very complicated. Austen, on the other hand, is complicated; to rebrand her in pink is like hiding peas under chips.

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Are they saying that if a book is a great work of literature it should be packaged in a dry academic way, and that some people shouldn't go near it because they are not clever enough to enjoy it? All notes and chronologies have been stripped out--with the exception of War and Peace, which has a short translator's note and afterword--and the back-cover blurbs have been reworked to focus on the story rather than on the novel as an influential work of literature.

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Emma Mathewson, Bloomsbury commissioning editor, sees a "definite gap in the market" for bright, bold national curriculum titles that teenagers would be proud to be seen with. Persuading retailers to include the books in front-of-store and three-for-two promotions is crucial, as is marketing the series as complete sets: some retailers prefer to wait until a solid collection of books has been published so that they can present them as a full range.

The Life of St. Michael, a Fool in Christ Ideological Writings The Tale of the White Cowl D.

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Travelers' Accounts New Military Tales Epistolary Polemics Historical Works from the Time of Troubles Avraamy Palitsyn: Pseudo-Dmitry Sergius Monastery to the Polish Request of Surrender Prince Ivan M. Biographical Works Secular Tales Shemiaka's Judgment The Tale of Savva Grudtsyn Frol Skobeev, the Rogue D. Poetry Ivan Funikov: Message of a Nobleman to a Nobleman Raid of the Crimean Tatars Lament of Boris Godunov's Daughter Epic of Sukhan Prince Ivan A. Khvorostinin: Autobiographical Verses Peter Kvashnin: Dear Brother Peter KVashnin: I Thought Simeon Polotsky: The Law Miscellany Zenkovsky Author: Serge A.

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Praise For… "Kirkpatrick brings a more nuanced sense of the Italian and a more mediated appreciation of the poem's construction than nearly all of his competitors. There is much to recommend here-certainly the intelligence, the energy, the linguistic range.

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His introduction and canto-by-canto notes are remarkably level and lucid, as attentive to structure as to syntax, language and motif, and deftly cross-reference the whole poem. On their own, they would justify the price.

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  2. Proceedings of the Seventh Symposium of Societas Celtologica Nordica (ACTA Universitatis Upsaliensis);
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His introduction. Kirkpatrick edges us, smoothly, into Dante's mind, and shows just how and why his influence has seemed to grow with the passage of time. We even get a map of trecento Italy nestling against a map of hell. If the Purgatorio and Paradiso are as good as this, then English readers will, I hope, start familiarising themselves with the two-thirds of the work most never get round to reading.