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Secrets of Surrender (Rothwell Brothers Series #3)
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She sickened at the evidence that an unwilling woman actually appealed to them. She wanted to hit him. No, she wanted to kill him. She tried to pull her arm away but his fingers only dug deeper. He ignored her. I have always thought she was among the most beautiful women in London. How do I put this delicately?

No damned way, I guess. I am honor bound to reveal that she is not an especially warm woman, if you gentlemen know what I mean. She held onto the anger so she would not swoon. The faces seemed to multiply and move anyway, until she was on the block in front of a hundred leering masks. Norbury bowed to her. There are men who enjoy the role of schoolmaster, and it is they who should open their purses.

Rose refused to react.

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She did not look at any of them. But she could see them. A few more of the men's interest suddenly piqued. Norbury's grip tightened yet more, almost numbing her arm.

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Second, for those of you who, like me, were inconvenienced by her brother's ruin, her favors are one repayment—". Shocked anew, she could not hold her pose of indifference. She turned and stared at him. She had no idea that he had been touched by that. No idea at all. She had not misunderstood nearly as much as she was telling herself.

He had deliberately pursued and seduced her for revenge. They went wild. Amidst the shouts, a few called demands to see the charms that Norbury had just promised. She spoke so only he could hear.

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  • Secrets of Surrender.

If you dare to try it, I will do violence to you and gladly go to the gallows for it. Rose recognized him as Sir Maurice Fenwick. His interest horrified her. It was unlikely that her willingness would matter much to this one. Shocked silence hung for a long moment, then a low buzz swarmed through the chamber.

Everyone looked around to see which besotted gentleman had lost all sense. Roselyn was as astonished as the rest. And very worried. It would be one thing to deny a man his seventy-five pounds worth. A man who paid nine-hundred-and-fifty would probably force a different accounting. Lord Norbury aimed a frown at him. No doubt you misspoke. The guest called over a footman and whispered something, then looked back very soberly.

Feel free to continue the bidding.

Norbury's gaze darted around the table, but the high bid had taken the wind out of the auction's sails. Bradwell waited like a man in no hurry. He appeared to be more interested in admiring the candelabra on the table than on the progress of the game he had entered.

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Rose assessed his size and demeanor. Her instincts warned that she would have been better off with corpulent, happy George or even dangerous Sir Maurice. She might have even been better with Lord Norbury whom, she had just discovered, believed her capable of the violence she had threatened. There was nothing visibly untoward about Mr. So, I read this thing fast. The story was engrossing and covered a LOT of ground.

Plus there were so many places the plot could have gone — so many side-stories that could have been pursued and the author would have had a perfectly good book. It would have all been perfectly acceptable side-trips to take to bring about the conflict, climax, and denouement. Instead, Hunter stays true to the main characters, keeps her focus, and lets the story be about the romance and not all the fluff and bother of all this other stuff. I loved the story of this hero and heroine, Kyle and Roselyn. I just loved the story.

This is really a very lovely story of how to love someone. How to let your partner be their own person, make mistakes and support them anyway. You go a long way emotionally with these two characters. Watching their process — well, reading about it — is worth the emotional investment.

Reading about all the fascinating secondary characters and trying to keep track of the rather large cast, is worth it.

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Wondering if the author is going to take the easy way out and let the story devolve down one of the side trips is worth it.