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The Fourteenth International Conference on Internet and Web Applications and Services

Receiving request Tools for SWS composition and policies Smith Reasoning problems for semantic web services are inherently intractable -- using a different language does not make them tractable. If you restrict yourself to a language that is tractable, then there will exist reasoning problems that cannot be specified in the language.

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Classes of activity specific to SWS interactions. Individual services may define protocols that embody these elements in different ways. List of Providers Engagement Enactment Enactment Relationship to upper ontologies for activities eg PSL , transactions Review of arity relationships between Profile, Process models and groundings Better integrated support for security, privacy. We need to push for this to occur and to be successful. Support users Examples and sample code Transitioning to SemWebCentral with clear, working, tutorial examples that can be used as models by developers Proof-of-concept showing value-added over commercial WS Better illustrate the mapping to commercial standards Tool tutorials should have suggestions for effective use of third party software where necessary.

Maintenance Release.

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Well-founded tools. Berardi, M. Gruninger, R. Hull, S. Profile, Process Model, Surface Language. Singh singh ncsu. The Semantic Web is slowly gathering interest. Having used.

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Martin Sun Java Web Services www. Abdul Naseer. A semantic-based. Lecture Telecooperation D.

Semantic SOA - Realization of the Adaptive Services Grid results of the final year bachelor project Outline review of midterm results engineering methodology service development build-up of ASG software. IEEE P Open Research Online The Open University s repository of research publications and other research outputs WSMO-Lite: lowering the semantic web services barrier with modular and light-weight annotations.

Li, M. Sakai, Y. Morizane, M. Kono, and M. Noda Dept. All rights reserved.

John A. Miller Acknowledgements Advisory Committee Dr. Miller Major. Ludwig cs. Reyhani Department. Gowri Ganesh Abstract The success of web service is to interact with the applications of different domains. To achieve this interoperability,.

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Conse- specifies the ontologies that we use exten- niques for information integration and fusion. We are considering distributed belief as a representative requires an interaction involv- very difficult. The resulting system ing and fusing information from different systems. Rainbow program www Kamal The WebScripter www. The project tackles the markup generation reports. Nigam et al. Try- current information about XML. Ulti- employing it to describe the security policies, ized version of a form-filling assistant.

Interoperable semantic access control for highly dynamic coalitions

This mately, we would like to use more than one credentials, and trust relationships that form depends on topic hierarchy to classify both talk topics the basis of trust management. Similarly, appropriate execution form for example, title and abstract. We used the classifier pack- describing beliefs and associating levels of JavaScript procedures that can drive the age from the Bag Of Words toolkit by Andrew trust with them is straightforward, and deduc- Web form interface McCallum at Carnegie Mellon University.

Additionally, we plan to investigate mul- ety of text classification and retrieval algo- timodal support, where users can enter new rithms. We used the Naive Bayes algorithm, Data entry support information through keyboard or vocal input.

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On receipt of the learn the classes in our test collection. We information in their profiles and talk announce- voice-filled form, ITtalks would try to infer plan to use the same classification agent to ments. Such a tool verification. This enhancement would let will, for example, let each user select a pre- Entering talks ITtalks provide voice-entry support for ferred topic ontology on the fly, and the ITtalks To make ITtalks successful, we must sim- devices with limited keyboard functionality, system will immediately adapt and present the plify the entry of new talk descriptions into the such as PDAs or cellular phones.

As a prototype system. Initially, we rower, and similar. Subsequently, the tool auto- target representation for the third. However, the user faces a daunting matic text classifier, using training sets of doc- Although our implementation of auto- task of navigating a hierarchy of nearly uments for the ontologies. We are working on an ontology for 4. Labrou, and J. The ITtalks interface To make the data entry process more effi- 5. Currently, these only include the native from the source and identify key information ontologies we built for this application. If talk using a text extraction system.

The spider 6. Bellifemine, A.

Introduction to Semantic Web Technologies

Poggi, and G. We expect to same user profile, eliminating the need to 7. Bollacker, S. Lawrence, and C. We Encryption under development might pro- Press, New York, , pp. Kagal et al. Others have studied the problem of recognizing and extracting infor- O ur system demonstrates the value of markup languages to the Semantic Web through its ability to improve Web agent — Cedilnik et al.

Chakraborty et al. You can to provide more effective conversation. The notion of a personal profile and a to-agent conversation. Hence, by combining Ratsimor et al.