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You can click the double circular arrows icon to have the status refresh automatically. Enter the following details, when prompted:. This saves an administrator valuable time because Configuration Manager consolidates multiple ODI configurations into a single Configuration Manager screen. The BI Applications have always made use of text files as sources for some key content not stored in the source system.

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While text files are flexible, they aren't the best enterprise solution, so with BI Applications Note that you can name the target folder anything you want no spaces and it can be in any location you want, but it's recommended to move them to another location to avoid them being overwritten during an upgrade. At this point, Configuration Manager has written the configuration from this one screen into the ODI Repository for four different objects in the Physical and Logical Topology, two of which are shown in Figure There are also different types of load plans.

In the next step you will build your first load plan, in this instance a domain load plan to extract data from the source system to support loading the Inventory Transactions fact table group within the Supply Chain and Order Management offering. This will create a custom load plan in ODI that is a subset of the master load plan based on the load plan type and fact groups we selected.

This process will take a few minutes and can be monitored by clicking the blue circular arrows refresh symbol. This process will take several minutes depending on your system and can be monitored by clicking the blue circular arrows refresh symbol. The first few configurations we made were universal environment configurations, such as the source system.

Database Administration

Now it's time to turn our attention to application, or offering-specific configurations. Before we get too far into this step, let's reinforce what we said at the beginning: minimal required configuration to run a load. At this point, we could actually skip this entire section and go straight to a data load, as some key configurations are already seeded with values from our domain load plan and the out-of-the-box content.

The data may not be accurate nor will you have the functionality you desire, but you could do it. However, skipping this section would prevent us from highlighting one of the more interesting features of BI Applications While technically a separate application, Functional Setup Manager operates much like Configuration Manager does for ODI: a faster, simpler way to get to the configuration you need to make. More often than not, Functional Setup Manager opens a window to a specific parameter screen in Configuration Manager that is required for a particular offering you are implementing.

Rather than hunt and peck through the many parameters in Configuration Manager, Functional Setup Manager notifies you that a parameter is important and takes you to the right place in Configuration Manager to configure it. So really, it's a helper application to make sure you know exactly what you need to do, and that's an important distinction, because you technically don't have to use it if you know what you're doing.

So let's walk through the basics of Functional Setup Manager so you can see how it works. To get a feel for configuring a parameter in Configuration Manager, and to limit the amount of data loaded in our sandbox, let's set the initial extract date for the data load. When prompted, select or enter the values below:. Like before, this will create a custom load plan in ODI based on the load plan type and fact groups we selected. Generating a load plan for a full data load take a little longer than a domain load and can be monitored by clicking the blue circular arrows refresh symbol.

You have two choices: you can either proceed with execution and wait for the load plan to fail, then move over to ODI Studio and manually mark the step as complete and restart the load plan, or you can remove the step from the generated load plan in ODI Studio before executing it. The step that will fail is and is located at the following place in the Steps Hierarchy:. The ODI Agent will now execute the domain load plan we created. If you do, you can resize it with the following SQL statement and restart your load plan please consult your DBA first if this environment is anything but a personal sandbox environment :.

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