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    It is annoying to me to see a competing product which is in many ways worse than the thing we already have. Tech is supposed to improve each time, but adafruit got too caught up in Not Invented Here ideology and was too precious about their USBtinyISP protocol to do what's best for this new product.

    Read Make: Getting Started With Adafruit Trinket: 15 Projects With The Low Cost Avr Attiny85 Board

    Still, 3. Those are three things I think they got really right. Surely the benefit of having watched digispark and the areas people had difficulties. Whatever - it does us no harm for them to rake in the millions making subpar products. They will surely make more arduino libraries compatible with the loose timing afforded by the attiny85's internal oscillator, and that'll be great for us all!

    Which means, you can create a reset condition via power down - power up sequence. Below you can find my fast sketch. This uses NPN transistor and "low side switching" technique. Proper way to do that should be handled via a P-mosfet and a "high side switching" technique. If this idea sounds good to you, we can work on creating an actual working reset button mechanism. Best, ihsan. I was thinking more of something like attaching the switch to a zener to ground on one side and Vcc on the other - when pressed it would drop vcc to the zener voltage - though we'd need a resistor in that to prevent it from drawing too much current - but that gets us closer Mark Full Member Posts: Eric Is it possible to find a normally closed switch.?

    I've never actually looked for a minature one before, but it could break either vcc or ground to achieve your brownout condition. So what is the idea with the button? It's just to let the bootloader do the hold button and plug in to program thing, or is it supposed to actually reset the device? I'm just imagining maybe when the user presses the reset button, the pinchange interrupt fires and the bootloader checks if the button is pressed and if it is, it turns on the watchdog timer to 1ms or so. Then it jumps to the interrupt vector in the user program. If the user program isn't using the pinchange vector I think it defaults to jump to reset, which jumps back in to the bootloader and does that thing.

    Adafruit Trinket

    If the user program does define an interrupt handler for that pinchange port, they can optionally turn the watchdog off at the start of their interrupt handler, allowing them to use the button for stuff. It'd add slightly more pinchange latency though and make the bootloader a tiny bit bigger. A simpler version of this would be to just leave the pinchange interrupt enabled on that pin on startup, but not do the watchdog thing, so programs which don't use pinchange would automatically reset when the button is pressed, and programs which do use the pinchange interrupt would not have that functionality, but may choose to implement button reset in userspace.

    Users who wanted to use the button for GPIO could just turn the pinchange interrupt off for that pin or define an interrupt handler which does nothing. When the device does restart it could check for the button being held as the micronucleus jumper version does now, and decide if it bootloads on that basis. Is that roughly where people are wanting this feature to go?

    I remain unsure of the utility of the button, but if it takes up no extra space I suppose it's kinda cute, and could be neat to ship the default program on the uberspark as a virtual keyboard which types something in when you press the button. Perhaps it opens a web browser and enters the url to a welcome page! Also it should blink obviously! If you can, put the indicator LED beside the button, so it can be used to tempt the user to press the button. The page it opens could include instructions on how to setup the digispark software and stuff. I read it as 'device reset' to facilitate programming and avoid manual power interruption for whatever reason.

    Bluebie - Software definable solution would be cool if it could be made to work in some way like you suggest. Quote from: Bluebie on September 06, , am. Embedded-Creations Newbie Posts: 9. I'm not writing this to be provocative. Being somewhat new to Open Hardware and attribution, I'm trying to understand more about it digistump and Bluebie I'm genuinely interested in why you think Adafruit should acknowledge the Digispark, and how you think they should do it.

    If you look in more detail, they were implemented in quite different ways. What about the Trinket makes it a derivative of the Digispark? Nate from Sparkfun answered a vague audience question about the "controversy" between Sparkfun's Lillypad and Adafruit's Flora.