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Honor and Moral Revolution.

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Understanding Honor. Whitley Kaufman - - Social Theory and Practice 37 4 Honor and the Military. Honor and Public Opinion. Paul Robinson - - Routledge. Honor as a Motive for Making Sacrifices. Peter Olsthoorn - - Journal of Military Ethics 4 3 Honor, Self and Social Reproduction.

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Margavio - - Journal for the Theory of Social Behaviour 41 2 Fleischmann - - Science and Engineering Ethics 12 2 The Virtues of Honorable Business Executives. Dan Demetriou - - In Mike Austin ed. Regan A. Gurung , Tiffany M. Honor and Honor Codes. Bernard Rosen - - Teaching Philosophy 10 1 Jerry M. Added to PP index Total views 31 , of 2,, Recent downloads 6 months 1 , of 2,, How can I increase my downloads? Sign in to use this feature. Moral Character in Normative Ethics categorize this paper. Applied ethics. History of Western Philosophy.

Normative ethics. Adopting a relational approach might thus help us to arrive at a deeper understanding of the silent interplay of our embodiment and its symbolic over-determinations that is of paramount importance both for the genesis and the dynamics of violence. In addition to two anonymous reviewers at Human Studies, I would like to thank Philip Schauss for his translation of a first version of this text. Collins : 2f. It has also been shown that this type of analysis tends to favour a limited notion of violence, i.

Thus the subjectification of violent actors, e. It is this practice of attribution—a veritable event in the struggle for definitional mastery in such practices—that exemplarily exposes the violence that results from orders. This is because it attributes certain experiences to violence, while disassociating others from it.

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In particular, the lack of recognition for violence suffered is key since it can contribute to the supposedly legitimate unleashing of counter-violence. The later Merleau-Ponty, on his turn, concretely unfolded the implications of this insight in taking into account the chiasmatic intertwining of our embodiment and its symbolic articulations see Merleau-Ponty In this article I consciously ignore the question of linguistic violence for reasons of space.

Phenomenology and the Primacy of the Political

I also need to emphasize that the following sketch, which distinguishes between various forms of violence, does absolutely not pretend to be exhaustive: it is simply meant to indicate a variety of indirect violences that all exploit the symbolic co-constitution of human embodiment. A full-fledged account, which cannot be provided here, would indeed require a critical discussion with existing work on this topic, esp. Collins : 19f. Especially the fact that questions concerning the objectivity and legitimacy of social events are raised with regards to her is of paramount importance.

It constricts the agency of its victims. It tightens a physical noose around their necks, and this garrotting determines the way in which resources—food, medicine, even affection—are allocated and experienced. Clip round the ear given by policemen, members of bureaucracy, train conductors, that is, not only by members of the SS. In this context, it would be necessary to reflect upon the most diabolical violence inflicted by the Nazis, i. National Center for Biotechnology Information , U.

Human Studies. Hum Stud. Published online Mar 7. Michael Staudigl. Author information Copyright and License information Disclaimer. Vienna, Austria. Michael Staudigl, Email: ta.

Robert L. Oprisko’s Honor: A Phenomenology and Holden Caulfield | Quincey | Epiphany

Corresponding author. Open Access This article is distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License which permits any use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author s and the source are credited. Abstract This article elaborates a relational phenomenology of violence. Introduction: Violence and Sense Two main obstructions tend to hamper research on violence. The Phenomenological Method and an Analysis of Violence In my opinion, the difficulties described above in determining the sense of violence can be overcome through the development of a more extensive notion of sense.

Conclusion: Possible Applications and Future Lines of Argumentation The analytical strength and practical feasibility of the outlined relational approach would need to be demonstrated via its application on a variety of phenomena of violence ranging from the many faces of interactive violence, over social violence, like, e. Here the socio-technological function of codes of honor and the violence they entail becomes visible: An honor code is an ideology of stratification that emerges in particular kinds of social structures; it is a justification, a moralistic cover that operates to give a veneer of legitimacy to stratification, just like any other stratification system.

Footnotes 1 On this critique of a one-sided fact-based analysis of violence, cf. References Ahmed S. A phenomenology of whiteness. Feminist Theory. On violence. Orlando: Harcourt Brace and Company; The duel: A history of duelling.

From Phenomenology to Thought, Errancy, and Desire

Behnke E. Interkinaesthetic affectivity: A phenomenological approach. Continental Philosophy Review. Working notions: A meditation on husserlian phenomenological practice. In: Nenon T, Blosser P, editors. Advancing phenomenology: Essays in honor of lesterembree. Dordrecht et al. The body politic: Democratic metaphors, totalitarian practice, erotic rebellions. Philosophy and Social Criticism. Mourning the autonomous body. Thinking the limits of the body.

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February 22, Toward a politics of the vulnerable body. Random violence: How we talk about new crimes and new victims.

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