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Edited by Theodore P. Beauchaine and Stephen P. Hinshaw

In Personality and Psychopathology, Millon provides the reader with a coordinated series of papers that illustrate his unprecedented model for building a unified science of personology and psychopathology.

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In this effort, he seeks to integrate previously disparate components into a clinical science. Rather than developing independently and being left to stand as largely unconnected functions, Millon argues that a truly mature clinical science will embody explicit: 1 theories, that is, explanatory and heuristic conceptual schemes that enable the development of a formal 2 nosology, a taxonomic classification of disorders that is devised logically from the theory and which permits the development of coordinated 3 instruments, tools that are empirically grounded and sufficiently sensitive quantitatively to enable the theory's hypothesis to be adequately investigated, and from which target areas can be specified for 4 interventions, strategies and tactics of therapy designed in accord with the theory.

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A series of groundbreaking papers comprise this creative work. Some connect personology to other scientific realms of nature, and others establish a series of thought-provoking "diagnostic criteria" for the concept of normality.

Handbook of Personality Disorders: Second Edition: Theory, Research, and Treatment

The precision and logic for classifying psychopathologies comprise another classic article. A lively and insightful analysis of the borderline personality, explicated from a social learning perspective, serves as a refreshing counterpoint to the standard analytical model.

Critically examines DSM-5 diagnostic criteria. Chapters on additional treatments—mentalization-based treatment, schema-focused therapy, transference-based psychotherapy, and systems training for emotional predictability and problem solving. Chapters on dimensional models, longitudinal studies, and personality pathology in children and adolescents.

Handbook of Personology and Psychopathology

Integrative section introductions by the editors. Clarkin, which weaves multiple well-established intervention strategies into a systematic modular approach. Don't want the mobile site? Switch to the full site.

Psychopathy and Sexual Fantasy

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