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Chloroform—CHCl 3 —consists of a single carbon atom, a single hydrogen atom, and three chlorine atoms. The idea is to align the nuclei using a strong magnetic field. Physicists then use radio pulses to flip one or both spins, causing them to become correlated or entangled.

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At the same time, the carbon and hydrogen nuclei are in thermal contact, meaning that heat energy can flow from one to the other. The team can control the temperature of both nuclei by selectively heating them using nuclear magnetic resonance. When one nucleus is hotter than the other, heat naturally flows from the hot one to the colder one. In the new experiment, Micadei and co have observed the opposite.

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And the key is to entangle the nuclei in advance. Entanglement is the strange quantum process in which two quantum particles share the same existence. It is this phenomenon that Micadei and co have exploited to create the unique set of initial conditions that allow time to run backwards.

That has important implications for our understanding of time and its relationship to entanglement and entropy. Physics Today observed that "For a generation Professor Reichenbach has worked as almost no other man to bring to the interpretation of modern physics the critical and reflective thinking of a trained philosopher.

Most physicists who retain an interest in philosophy, and many who wanted simply to understand physics, have read some of the earlier books of Reichenbach. This one is. Book Reg. Product Description Product Details Ever a source of philosophical conjecture and debate, the concept of time represents the beating heart of physics.

Of course, this is all just theoretical. But the theory answers some fundamental questions physics has been wrestling with for quite some time. Paul Dirac first proposed antimatter in Since then, physicists have found a wide range of antiparticles.

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These are present during high energy collisions in other places in the universe and also within particle accelerators, such as the large hadron collider at CERN. In a experiment, which won them the Nobel Prize 16 years later, James Cronin and Val Fitch proved that you cannot have an antimatter universe for the simple reason that the weak nuclear force violates this model.

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For a while that was that. Then in , two scientists at Caltech, Professor Sean Carroll and his graduate student Jennifer Chen, revived the mirror universe theory, by trying to address another fundamental physics question, why does time only move in one direction?

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Getty Images. Through the course of their investigation, they ended up creating a model of the Big Bang which shoots outward in two opposite directions. In our universe, everything is made up of matter, while in the mirror universe, its antimatter. As time moves forward in one direction in one universe, it moves backward in the other. But from the mirror universe, time would appear to be moving backwards in ours , which begs the question, who is actually in the backwards universe, us or them? Generally speaking, when we talk about time, we consider the Second Law of Thermodynamics and in particular, entropy.

This is the amount of disorder in a system which will eventually break it down, be it an engine, a computer, a star, or the human body.

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Entropy grows exponentially until sooner or later, it consumes the entire system.