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France to strip Bashar al-Assad of his Légion d’honneur

Rami Malek's win is a victory for us all, Arab, Copt, Egyptian al

During an assignment in Israel and Palestine, my Arabic dialect clearly defined my roots from the local Palestinians. The dialects differed wildly when I was in Egypt and even greater when dealing with Iraqis and Libyans. Not to mention cultural differences. As a Lebanese-Australian who lived in Libya as a child and then later worked for the Nine Network Australia during a Gulf war assignment in Saudi Arabia, I found both countries terrifying.

They and their lifestyle were alien to me. Yet in this instance, the global membership I had been assigned, told me I belong to others. An otherness dictated by passersby. It does not define or determine an identity, or culture or an ethnicity, it uncovers stories from our past but does not reveal who we really are. One has to have the courage to tackle and be truthful to the facts without prejudice.

And he was right. In researching for meanings, definitions and categorisations of the term or the regions, there are no definitive answers to populations, countries, sects and languages that accurately agree on what constitutes the MENA. The march north and conquest began in the mid-6th century, across the Persian and Byzantine territories and it was to spread the faith — Islam which was rooted in the Arabic language — not their ethnicity.

Arabic originated from nomadic tribes in the desert regions of the Arabian Peninsula. To describe everyone who is Muslim or speaks Arabic as Arab is incorrect.

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Religiosity is not ethnicity and nor are they interchangeable. A lot of what has happened in the MENA is sadly a case of unintended consequences. Share full text access. Please review our Terms and Conditions of Use and check box below to share full-text version of article. Related Information.

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Close Figure Viewer. Browse All Figures Return to Figure. Previous Figure Next Figure. Email or Customer ID. Forgot password? Old Password. New Password. Password Changed Successfully Your password has been changed. These Egyptians however hold on to an image, however contradictory that might be, of national independence that gives them closure against US myths about equality and the melting pot as well as the racism they experience.

In their protest and welcoming of al-Sissi these Egyptian Christians — among other Muslim Egyptians who were there — acknowledge that as Arabs it is difficult to belong to America.

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Despite being Christian they are only seen as Arab. When the issue of Israel is brought in, and we see that to gain legibility in America as an Arab — even as an Arab Christian — one must play the role that is dictated to them. To be an Arab Christian in America is to play the role scripted to you, as the case of Walid Faris, or to omit the category of Arab altogether and pretend to be accepted as Rami Malek was celebrated: a white Christian American.

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No Arab Christian that is against America, or a victim of its racism, can be allowed to speak — or in the examples of Adel Karas and Khalid Jabara, to live. US Edition U. News U. HuffPost Personal Video Horoscopes. Newsletters Coupons.

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